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All first time track riders MUST register and attend the Trackday Orientation Program TOP.

Our Trackday Orientation Program (TOP), is a FREE program open to ANY rider.  The main goal of the TOP Program is to guide new and experienced track riders on how to have fun SAFELY in any situation, by introducing you to some skills that will put you in a mindset needed for riding on the track.


This program will cover track safety, such as proper entry procedure, proper exit procedure, flags, and what to do in certain situations (whether it’s crashing or passing).  The program is divided up into several 20 minute discussion sessions lead by a Senior Control Rider.  Each discussion session will have the Senior Control Rider asking questions to attendees; as well as allow and encourage attendees to ask questions.  Each discussion session will close off with some recommended objectives, in which riders can partake in that will be discussed on the upcoming discussion session. 


Discussion sessions will include many topics such as:  how to learn a new track, reference points (and their uses), crashing (yes, unfortunately it happens), how to minimize chances of crashing, and much more!  We will also cover accelerating, shifting, braking, and body position basics.

By the end of the day we will GUARANTEE you will be SAFER and faster than when you started.


You will have a new mindset that will lead you to the proper path of becoming a more proficient rider with high reward and low risk.

Whether you are a new rider to the track or even an advanced rider, you will learn something valuable at the Trackday Orientation Program.


So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for it already?!?  It’s FREE!!!  Bring a chair and notebook.  Be prepared to have your mind opened!

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