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Prepping your bike for an upcoming track day is a simple and easy process. Below we provide all the information you'll need to be ready for your track day inspection by the Two Wheels Track Days staff. We show you exactly what we look for when inspecting a motorcycle and how you can easily check your motorcycle ahead of time exactly like we do. This makes the inspection process easy, straight forward, and a lot less stressful.


Watch the video and or reference the information below to guide you through the prep process.

When preparing for a track day it is always best to go over your motorcycle to check, fix, repair or replace any components that can cause a preventable incident prior to your arrival at the track. All motorcycles must pass tech inspection prior to being allowed on to the track. The following must be done in order to pass tech inspection:

Tires should be new. The minimum requirement of tire tread life is 50%. The type of tire is not as important as the tread depth and pressures.

All lenses must be taped over. It is best to remove bulbs and/or fuses in addition to taping over the lenses. It is also best to use painters tape first, then use duct tape over the painters tape.

Must be taped over or removed.

All wheel weights must be taped over and covering all sides of the wheel weights. Duct tape is best to be used.

Must be taped over or removed. 

The following must also be in working order and functioning properly:
Throttle - must snap back into place by itself 
Brake lever, clutch lever and brake pedal - must be in working order
Chain tension - should be at the correct tension according to MFG specifications

There must be no loose parts that have possibility of falling off

There MUST be no fluid leaks from the engine, radiator or suspension components


Although changing your glycol coolant to an aftermarket water based coolant such as engine Ice or water wetter is not required to participate at a 2WTD event, it is highly recommend. A water based coolant has excellent engine cooling, anti corrosive properties along with better evaporation from a track spill that doesn’t leave a slippery surface behind.

Action cameras or other devices mounted to your helmet are not allowed
Any camera or recording devices mounted to any surface of the motorcycle must also have a tether attached to the motorcycle.

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